Nolan opens his mouth and whoa, here comes the superstar — a god of the rock kind, strutting about and casually dispatching falsetto thrills. This is a badass Jesus who sets the heathens straight in “The Temple” through the power of his megaphone voice. And when he shrieks “Whyyyyyyyy should I dieeeee?” in the epic “Gethsemane,” his cry shakes the mezzanine.

Jesus Christ Superstar

- ​New York Post

He’s just a man but, boy, can Paul Nolan belt out a song in the newBroadway revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

​- New York Post

What Others are Saying

Paul Alexander Nolan brings a passionate stage presence to his character of Jimmy Ray.

He has a fine voice that fits the music perfectly.

Bright Star

- ​Theatre Mania

This original musical lets Paul deservedly shine and showcases him as a true quadruple threat. It’s also a bit of a culmination of everything we’ve seen from him: he is busting a serious dance move Zhivago style, and he accompanies himself on guitar for basically every song he sings even more than he had in Once. The score sits so well in his big voice, and he’s truly charming enough to sell the book and this beach bum character who everyone falls in love with over the course of their seven-day vacation. As a theatre fan following his career, it’s a joy to sit back and see him in a role tailor-made for his myriad of talents.

Escape to Margaritaville - Broadway
Daily Scoop by Josh Ferri
- Broadway Box

“Escape to Margaritaville” is this year’s must-see musical. It is fresh. It is happy and focuses “on the party”!

Flawed, unapologetic, and charismatic Tully (Paul Nolan) represents everything sexy about a throw-away beach vacation. As he radiates sensuality with a smooth southern drawl, Tully manages to get by with just a guitar and a smile​

Escape to Margaritaville

World Premier La Jolla Playhouse

- Village News

Paul Alexander Nolan brings an expressive voice and wide acting rangeas a younger-than-usual Henry Higgins
My Fair Lady
​- New York Times

Kaneisha asks her whip-carrying master/mister/man, played with a complex and fascinating duality by Paul Alexander Nolan (Broadway’s Bright Star, Escape to Margaritaville), as we are roped, most completely, into Jeremy O. Harris’s (Xander Xyst, Dragon: 1) stunningly combustible and disturbingly erotic Slave Play at the New York Theatre Workshop.

Slave Play - Off Broadway World Premiere
- Times Square Chronicles

Jimmy Ray Dobbs (Paul Alexander Nolan), rocked the emotional roof.

Bright Star

- DC Metro Arts

Nolan acts, sings and plays guitar with equal talent and verve

Escape to Margaritaville

World Premier La Jolla Playhouse

- ​

Nolan’s stirring number “Heartbreaker” stops the audience’s collective breath.

Bright Star
- The Washingtonian


Mr. Nolan manages the murderous tessitura of the climactic “Gethsemane” number with impressive aplomb.

Jesus Christ Superstar
​- New York Times

There’s nothing like a multitude of talents to make an audience go weak in the knees. And Paul Nolan has a lot going on in the Tony-winning musical Once. He plays the guitar. He croons. He woos a pretty leading lady.

Oh, and then there’s that irresistible Irish accent.

Once the Musical


Paul Alexander Nolan — as the young, fervent revolutionary Pasha, Lara's husband, who becomes transformed into the ruthless Strelnikov
​after the revolution —

truly impresses, delivering a nuanced turn while displaying truly powerful pipes
on such numbers as "No Mercy at All."

​​Dr. Zhivago

​- Hollywood Reporter

As Pasha, Paul Alexander Nolan gives a vocally flawless, intense performance perfectly capturing the character's zeal, blazing energy and sharp wit.  His idealism is magnetic in an upbeat, folk-like song, surrounded by students and his new bride. Yet he is fearsome and unhinged in his devotion to his country and to Lara -and both, in this telling, are compellingly mixed - by the time he becomes a rebel leader.

​Dr. Zhivago

- The Star Ledger

Tully (Paul Alexander Nolan), who’s a fine guitarist as well as a pleasing singer, captures the song and the moment with laid-back panache.

Escape to Margaritaville 

World Premier La Jolla Playhouse

- San Diego Union Tribune

With his hypnotic performance as Jesus, Paul Nolan remains the show's superstar– “an amazing thing – this silent king,” as Pontius Pilate describes him. Of course, Nolan's hardly quiet all the time and, in fact,brings down the house  when he unleashes his tortured solo, Gethsemane.
Jesus Christ Superstar

- Toronto Globe

Paul Alexander Nolan is perfectly matched with his passionate vocals   and  funny portrayal  of a well-meaning fellow falling in love with a woman's mind as he clumsily tries to dig out of the mess
​he's created.

Daddy Long Legs
​- Broadway World